Take Control Of Fear And Shame

Fear and shame are seven of the core difficult emotions everyone struggles with and often go hand in hand to serve up a one-two punch. These emotions are conditioned responses and fire automatically if we don’t know how to interrupt the pattern.

The Missing Opportunity In Cannabis Retail Advancement

Over a dozen U.S. states have cannabis licensing opportunities for stakeholders in 2021, with additional markets expected to advance legalization reforms this year. This rapid industry growth has inspired business innovation in the dispensary retail sector.

Healing A Community

For many patients, cannabis helps heal their personal pain, but for Nevada’s Lovelock Paiute tribe, cannabis is economically healing their community.

New Tribal Dispensary Opens In Shurz, Nevada

The Walker River tribe expands its cannabis operations on Feb. 20th with the opening of its first dispensary. Working with Tribal Cannabis Consultants, the Tumatzekwae Nobe (Green House) Dispensary will offer an array of cannabis products and is open to anyone with a medical marijuana card.

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